Special Meeting Minutes March 23, 2018

Special Meeting Minutes Crestview HOA Meeting
Friday, March 23, 2018 at 5:30 pm
Unitarian Universalists of the Chester River Sanctuary, 914 Gateway Dr.  Chestertown

Attending:   see attached list

President Margie Conlin announced that she would be the only one allowed to speak at this meeting, under legal counsel.

Margie read from a script (attached) about tonight’s meeting.

There were many objections voiced about the conduct of the meeting. Someone mentioned that the reminder notice of this meeting indicated there would be additional information presented.  Diane responded that she just learned about the changed conduct of the meeting tonight about 15 minutes before the meeting, and apologized for the notice.

Point of Order brought by Kevin Brien: we must follow Robert’s Rules of Order; response from Pres and VP: “NO, we are under legal counsel”

Everyone that tried to speak or object was reprimanded by President Margie Conlin and Vice President Charles Sommers.

Bob Shminkey – knows Robert’s Rules of Order, in fact, “is what he does”; This is a “Special Meeting” and can only be one issue

Kevin indicated leaving the room and meeting separately in the lobby to discuss more information; Margie – no not allowed; everyone must leave the building after the meeting

Lain Hawkridge – would like to have the lawsuit issues read.

Sabine: people don’t have all the information they need

Pat Falcone – thought issues would be discussed

President Margie – this meeting is just a “Vote of Confidence”.

Jan – if this is a “Vote of Confidence” only, then Robert’s Rules of Order do not apply.

Pat Bjorke – a “vote of confidence” vs notice  about meeting distributed with prior notice March 7, 2018. (see attached notice that was sent to all residents and lot owners)

Charlie –  we got info only 2 days ago from Nationwide lawyers to conduct meeting ‘under legal counsel’

Lawsuit is against Margie as President of the HOA Board of Directors, not the HOA.

Kevin asked to make a motion; Margie said NO; Kevin’s response: “this is outrageous”; he and a few others walked out of the meeting.

Margie – if I don’t get majority vote, then I will decide whether I want to remain as President. Margie became President in Feb. 2017.

Sabine – how can we vote if we don’t have all the information?

Margie – can’t talk; under advice of legal counsel

Ann Marie Harris and Diane Shields reviewed the ‘secret’ ballots turned in at the meeting tonight, as well as those previously submitted as absentee or proxy votes.

The final tally was: 32 supporting Margie to remain as President and 20 opposing her to remain.


Respectfully submitted,


Diane Shields,

Secretary Crestview HOA Board of Directors


Minutes updated and approved on 11/11/2018.