Special Meeting Minutes March 11, 2019 (DRAFT)


MARCH 11, 2019


Present: Cheryl Bish (President), Lain Hawkridge (Vice President), Ann Marie Harris (Treasurer), Diane Shields (Secretary), Bill and Ann Anderson, Kevin Brien, Mary Burton, Carl Clazey, Jan and Joy Eliassen, Garret Falcone, Forrest and Karen Ellner, John Leek, Scott and Deeann Jones, Dave Menzie, Paul Ruge, Peg and Charlie Somers, Helene and Nelson Hermilla, John and Patrick Linz-Haines, Neil Stoddard. Eleven proxy or absentee ballots were received.

Meeting called to order by VP Hawkridge at 6:30 pm.

He brought up a suggestion by Jan Eliassen to change the wording for ‘assessments’ so it is clear that any lot owner in Crestview is responsible for assessments or law suits against the Association, whether or not they are a ‘member in good standing’.

Changes were proposed to Article XI, DUES AND ASSESSMENTS, Part B: replace wording with: “All lot owners are members of the Association and are expected to pay the Association dues to be in good standing. Any assessments levied by the Board of Directors, or other entities, shall be assessed to every lot owner, whether in “good standing” or not.” There was discussion but no objections to the wording change.

John Leek suggested several changes: page 2, last paragraph – change “shall be held in November 1996” to “was held in November 1996”; page 3, E. Proxies – add “in good standing” after ‘each Member’; page 6 – Section 2, Part C, 1. – change “fix the amount of the annual dues or assessment against” to “fix the amount of the annual dues or assessment to”.

It was determined that a quorum was present, including proxies and absentee ballots.

Jan Eliasson moved to approve the changes to bylaws, with amendments as discussed. Seconded by Garret Falcone.

Motion was passed unanimously.

Peg Somers moved to close the meeting, seconded by Mary Burton.

Meeting adjourned at 7 pm.

Respectfully submitted by,

Diane Shields, Secretary

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