Special Meeting Minutes May 12, 2018

Special Meeting of Crestview Homeowners Association

May 12, 2018 at 2:00 PM
Unitarian Universalist Church

In attendance:

Arlene Lee, Lain Hawkridge
Cheryl Bish
Peg, Charlie Sommers
John Haines
Bob Schminkey
Ann Marie, Ted Harris
Jan, Joy Eliasson
Mary Simmons
Barbara Benson
Ann, Bill Anderson
Diane Shields, Kevin Brien
Pat Falcone
Bill, Joanne Ghio
Nelson Hermilla, Helene Lisy
Diane Zang
Pat Bjorke (representing UUCR)
18 proxy votes

Meeting called to order at 2:03pm by Diane Shields, Secretary.
Special meeting to address one issue only – nominations/elections for President and Vice President of Crestview Community Association HOA
Introductions by all in attendance
Introduction of Bob Schminkey, acting as parliamentarian for this meeting (Robert’s Rules of Order)

Nominations received from the floor:
President, Cheryl Bish – nominated by Harry and Mary Burton/Jan Eliasson
President, Bill Ghio – nominated by Kevin Brien (nomination declined)
Vice-President, Lain Hawkridge – nominated by Mary Simmons

Motion to close nominations by Bill Ghio; seconded by Peg Sommers. Motion approved followed by a brief question and answer session with nominees.

Discussion re: what constituted a quorum for voting purposes. It was determined that 30% of the members in good standing (dues paid) were required. There are 76 members/lots in good standing; 23 were required to represent a quorum.

Call for secret ballot; voting papers distributed.

Voting tally:
President – yes (29), no (6)
Vice President – yes (27), no (8)

By a majority vote from those in attendance – which made up a quorum – Cheryl Bish, President and Lain Hawkridge, Vice President.

Move to adjourn meeting – Peg Sommers; seconded by Bill Ghio. Meeting adjourned at 2:50.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ann Marie Harris, Treasurer


Minutes approved on 11/11/2018.