Annual Meeting Minutes November 8, 2020 (DRAFT)


Present: Cheryl Bish (President), Ann Marie Harris (Treasurer), Diane Shields (Secretary), Judy and Peter Ames, Mary Burton, Jan Eliassen, Forrest and Karen Ellner, Rich and Ivette Furneisen, Hannelore Henry, Scott Jones, Dave and Carolyn Menzie, Wayne McGuire, Ronald and Susan Miller, David and Daniella Ross, Charles and Peg Sommers, Bill Ghio; proxies recorded for Marge Tine, Bill Anderson, Barbara Benson, Garrret Falsone, Nelson Hermilla, Lisa Starkey, Michael Harvey, Neil Stoddard, Brenda Brown, and the Presbyterian Church (5)

Meeting was called to order at 3:00 pm, by Cheryl.

Cheryl led the group in a moment of silence for Lain Hawkridge, Vice President, who passed away in October.

Diane read the minutes from the Annual Meeting held on November 11, 2019.  Mary Burton made motion to approve, seconded by Bill Ghio and motion was approved unanimously. 

The Welcoming Committee Chairman Pat Falcone recenty resigned.  Mary Burton was asked to fill the vacant position, accepted and was appointed by the board. 

Open Space Committee report was read by Diane.  Bill Gio and Dave Menzie resigned as chairman but will continue to volunteer for the open space committee when needed.  Diane Shields was asked to fill the vacant position, accepted and was appointed by the board. Residents were asked to speak with Diane if they want to volunteer to help.

Treasurer’s Report for 2020 and Proposed Budget for 2021 were presented by Ann Marie. She explained the miscellaneous fees result from a charge when residents pay their annual dues through PayPal. Peg indicated the report showed “Net Operating Loss” but actually should be a “Net Operating Gain”.  Ann Marie will make the correction. Charles Sommers made a motion to approve, seconded by Mary Burton, and motion was approved unanimously.  

Old Business:

Cheryl stated that the signs posted around the pond this summer were to discourage non-residents from fishing in the pond and to prohibit the use of motorized vehicles in the Open Space areas.  She clarified this was due to non-residents during the pandemic fishing and from ruts created by motorized vehicles in the open space which caused walking hazards to those residents enjoying the pond and open space areas. For liability reasons a protocol was set in place.  Residents who give permission for friends/family to fish at the pond must write a letter that contains the name of the individual given permission as well as the resident’s name and contact information. Any person given permission must carry said letter with them at all times  to prove they have permission if approached by a resident of Crestview.

Cheryl raised the question of whether to cut the brush around the edge of the pond since it was bulldozed by a resident and not the open space committee during the summer.  She explained the decision to not cut was recommended by MD DNR, Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage, Ecotone,  and other groups. She understands why some residents would prefer that it be cut for access to the pond, and would like the decision to be made by the residents and not the board.  A vote was taken to cut said brush which was divided – about 50/50.  Diane noted that if the cutting is done, the Open Space Committee requests that it should be outside of the ‘nesting season’ for birds and wildlife; that is – cutting to take place during late fall through early winter (November through March).  This will be discussed with Chastain Brooks and said cutting would be during those times.

New Business:

Peg noted that someone had posted yellow warning tape at the entrance to the swale on Woodsview Court.  She explained that the grassed swales throughout the community are to carry runoff to the pond, and to allow residents to walk along them throughout the neighborhood.  Cheryl said the board will investigate to see if the warning tape is still in place.

Peg introduced new residents David and Daniela Ross, who bought Lot 92 and will build a house there soon.  She mentioned also that the house at 820 S. Meadowview Dr. was sold and the deed for the new owners does not include the deeded restrictions that are part of the Crestview neighborhood.  She left a copy of the deed with Diane.  The board will make the new homeowners aware by mailing them a copy of the resitrictions for their property.


Cheryl recused herself, since she is running again for position of President of Crestview Community HOA Board of Directors. Diane conducted nominations.  She introduced Cheryl as candidate for President, and Ivette Furneisen as candidate for Vice President.  Peg made a motion to close nominations, and Jan seconded. A vote was taken and unanimously approved to re-elect Cheryl as President and to elect Ivette as Vice President.

Meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Shields Secretary, Crestview Community HOA

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