Annual Meeting Minutes November 11, 2019 (DRAFT)


Present: Cheryl Bish (President), Lain Hawkridge (Vice President), Ann Marie Harris (Treasurer), Diane Shields (Secretary), Judy and Peter Ames, Ann and Bill Anderson, Bob and Patty Dean, Jan and Joy Eliassen, Pat and Garret Falcone, Nelson Hermilla and Helene Lisey, Bob Johnson, Timothy Larson, Dave Menzie, Roxanne Mitchell, Daniel Quinn, Charles and Peg Sommers; proxies recorded for Bill Ghio, Mary Simmons, Marge Tine, and the Presbyterian Church (5)

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm, by Lain Hawkridge (Vice President)

Everyone present introduced themselves to the group.

Minutes from the Annual Meeting November 11, 2018 and Special Meeting March 11, 2019 were presented.  Call for vote to approve by Jan Eliassen,  seconded by Peter Ames; all approved, none opposed and no abstentions.

Open Space Committee report was submitted by co-chair Dave Menzie, and read by Lain Hawkridge.  

Welcoming Committee report was given by Pat Falcone.  She listed the recent new members of Crestview that had been welcomed this year.

Peg Sommers asked about a report from Membership committee, which she said was combined now with the Welcoming Committee.  Pat Falcone iterated that she represents the Welcoming Committee only, not the Membership Committee.

Judy Ames asked about the duties of the Membership Committee; Dave Menzie suggested that all committees should prepare a statement of duties.  It was agreed this was a good idea.

Ann Marie presented the Treasurer’s Report and the proposed budget for 2020. There was discussion and questions. Jan Eliassen made a motion to approve, seconded by Garret Falcone, and approved unanimously.  

Peg Sommers requested that Old Business be added to the agenda.  She stated that after last year’s annual meeting, she presented to the board a list of names and addresses, and photos, of residents “in violation of the deeded restrictions”.  She asked if the board has done anything about this.  Lain responded “no”.  Much discussion followed, about the role and authority of the Crestview HOA in matters of enforcement of ‘deeded restrictions’.  

The Crestview board intends to look into ‘standardizing’ the restrictions, and updating them, so that everyone in the community has the same set of rules to follow. The plan is to work on this in the coming year.

Jan Eliassen suggested that the board consult an attorney to look into revising the restrictions.  

Peg Sommers stated that they had consulted an attorney (at a large figure of dollars per hour) to determine how restrictions could be enforced. They learned that the homeowners in a section could sue a neighbor that was not in compliance with the restrictions on record.

Jan pointed out that this confirms that the HOA has no authority to enforce restrictions, only the homeowners do, as individuals.

Cheryl stated that the only power the HOA has is to take away the vote of any member in violation of the restrictions.

New Business:  the secretary and treasurer have completed their terms of office.  Both Ann Marie Harris (Treasurer) and Diane Shields (Secretary) have agreed to serve another term of 2 years.  A motion was made to close nominations, seconded, and all approved the two board members to continue another term.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Shields

Secretary, Crestview Community HOA

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