Annual Meeting Minutes November 11, 2018 (DRAFT)

Crestview HOA Annual Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

November 11, 2018

Unitarian Universalists of the Chester River


Present:  Ann Marie Harris, Cheryl Bish, Lain Hawkridge, Diane Shields, Arlene Lee, Peg Sommers, Charles Sommers, Mary Burton, Pete and Judy Ames, Garret Falcone, Wayne MGuire, Karen and Forrest Ellner, Bob and Patty Dean, Neil Stoddard, Helene Lisy, Nelson Hermilla, John Leek, Sandy Griffin, Kevin Brien, Paul Ruge, Scott Jones, Bill and Joanne Ghio, Pat Bjorke (UUCR), Robert and Jeanne Johnson, Carole D. Lupis, Dave Menzie, John Haines


Call to Order – Vice President Lain Hawkridge called meeting to order at 4:05 pm.


Approval of Minutes – Several people were not able to access the minutes on the website; paper copies were distributed to those members.  Peg Sommers moved that the last paragraph of the minutes from Special Meeting March 23, 2018 be removed from the minutes; motion seconded by Charles Sommers. Jan asked that the paragraph be read out loud.  Diane read the paragraph:

As Secretary of the Crestview HOA Board of Directors, I was informed about the way of conducting this meeting only after reporting to the building about 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting, and then only after I offered to set up the sound system (Margie and I are both members of UUCR). Margie informed me that she had already set it up, but when I responded that I didn’t see the microphones in place, she said that “no one other than me will be allowed to speak at tonight’s meeting”.  I consider this a major breach of conduct for a board of directors.  I am on the board, but was not privy to this information until several days after the decision was made. This is only one of many examples of dishonesty, misconduct, and harassment of HOA members, and should have been brought up during tonight’s meeting.  These are my thoughts and responses, and while they should have been discussed at tonight’s meeting, were not allowed.”

Jan made a motion that since the paragraph was read, all have heard it and is so published, that the paragraph be removed from the minutes of March 23, 2018.  Peg seconded the motion.

Motion to approve minutes as corrected seconded, and all approved.

Committee Reports

Open Space Committee Report presented by Dave Menzie. Charlie Sommers reported that there are trees growing on the dam, and around the pond, that need attention, as well as around the pond outlet pipe.  Helene added information about the presence of Emerald Ash Borers on green ash trees on their property that has been treated by an arborist.  Carol Lupis spoke about parasites on leaves, branches and other debris dumped into the woods on open areas, “Collumbella” 11/15/18 corrected to “Collembolla” (springtails) that can spread disease to humans.  Wayne McGuire added information to that.

Architecture Committee – Jan reported that the committee chair, Harry Burton, passed away recently.  Peter Ames agreed to join the committee in his place.

Membership Committee – Cheryl indicated that the directory shows John Leek as member of this committee; John confirms he is NOT on this committee, and no one else present was aware of the committee.

Welcome Committee – No one from the committee was present; this committee welcomes new members to the Crestview Community.

Proposal was made and seconded to combine these two committees, Membership and Welcome.  All approved.

Treasurer’s Report 2017-2018 – Ann Marie presented the report; Jan motioned to approve Treasurer’s Report, and Arlene seconded motion. All in favor.

New Business

Crestview HOA website and email address have been set up; they are:  is the website is the email address

Directory News – the Crestview Directory has been updated; if anyone has changes to email addresses, phone numbers, etc., please call or email a member of the board or the Crestview email address.  The Directory was NOT added to the web site, due to privacy concerns.

Proposed Budget 2018-2019 – Peg moved to approve the proposed budget; Neil seconded; motion carried.

Proposed Revision of Bylaws – Lain described Board’s concerns in revising bylaws; looking for clarity and consistency, eliminating ambiguity and legal jargon; to help prevent controversies. Also adding email as an accepted method of communicating HOA matters, to save postage.

Jan moved to postpone approval of Bylaws and having discussion added to comments about bylaws revisions.  Peg seconded motion.

Discussion about having a Committee to revise Bylaws.  Bill Ghio added that Bylaws were updated in 2008 when he was on the board; a committee was not involved and not needed.

Cheryl reiterated that the Board is trying to be transparent and represent and serve the wishes of the HOA, not in any way dictating changes..

Pat Bjorke, representing UUCR in the HOA, suggested that during many revisions of the UUCR Bylaws, an annotated version to explain the changes were very helpful and suggested the Board consider this.

Jan proposed that bylaws be reviewed ‘electronically’ and comments submitted to HOA Board by Feb. 1, and Special Meeting to approve Bylaws in early March; Arlene seconded motion. None opposed; motion carried.

Garret offered thanks to the HOA Board and new officers Lain and Cheryl, for stepping up at a difficult time and following through.

John Leek proposed a method of “public shaming” for those HOA members that do not pay dues.  Bill Ghio opposed this idea, prefers a harmonious community.

Jan stated that a few years ago a letter was sent out listing all members who DO pay their dues; ‘positive reinforcement’.

Jan proposed moving forward on the agenda; seconded by many!

Peg stated that she went around the neighborhood, took photos, and made a list of those members not complying with bylaws and restrictions, as far as boats, trailers, etc.  She submitted list and photos to the Board.

Vote on President and Vice President

Jan nominated Cheryl Bish as President, and Lain Hawkridge as Vice President.  Seconded by Arlene and several others.  No other nominations were made from the floor.

Cheryl Bish is elected as President, and Lain Hawkridge as Vice President for two year terms.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Diane Shields, Secretary